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Work & Travel Website

This website was built to bring our Work & Travel web presence into the modern age. I worked closely with designers to create a fully responsive and user friendly website that addresses business needs.

  • Design Review and Feedback
  • Full Front End Development
  • ASP.NET Integrations
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iNext Tumbnail

iNext Travel Insurance

The iNext Travel Insurance website was a design update to an older site. I worked with another designer and developer to bring unique design elements, stronger information architecture and a more streamlined user flow to the site.

  • Design Review and Feedback
  • Main Navigation Development
  • Form Search Tool
  • ASP.NET Integrations
  • Development Advisor
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Memento Tumbnail

Memento Tattoo

The Memento website was my capstone project. I worked with the faux client, from start to finish, to meet design and development needs.

  • Full Design and Development
  • All Client Interaction
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Simple &



I work diligently to create designs and interfaces that are simple to use & easy to understand. I strip away all unnecessary clutter to provide a streamlined design that users can pick up and understand instantly.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, I’m constantly thinking about tweaks I can make to allow users a better experience. Managing a logical flow and progression through content, I make websites easy for the average viewer without sacrificing amazing visuals.


Strong but


I’m a firm believer in ‘less is more’ when it comes to design and development. I create clean, strong and elegant designs with organized and straight-forward scripting and coding.

With my understanding of typography and visual design, I find the happy medium between too little and too much while still making an element look astounding on any screen.


Built For


I understand the importance in making something perfect. I work meticulously putting every last pixel exactly where it should be.

My work is beautiful both inside and out. I create code that is easy for anyone to read and follow so that updating later is easy.

Designing for major browsers with valid code and cutting-edge techniques, my work looks great on just about any device.


Hey, I'm Chris, a 24-Year-Old Designer & Front End Web Developer from Portland, Maine.

I work to build websites that are clean, efficient and speak for themselves. Investing time in user experience & interface, responsive development, simple design, accessibility and ease of use, I strive to create websites that leave users with an amazing experience.


Between a Bachelors of Science in Web and Interactive Media and over 6 years of experience, I've learned the in's and out's of both design and development.

I'm proficient in HTML and CSS and experienced with Javascript, jQuery, SASS, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, Responsive Design, Accessibility, Information Architecture and UI/UX design.